Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jar Matching

It still amazes me how much of our inspiration comes from our recycling bin. For Emily, this is like an endless supply of free craft materials! For this matching activity, you will need jars of various sizes with different sized lids. We used jars from apple sauce, salsa, yeast, baby food, and artichoke hearts. Wash jars throughly with hot soapy water and remove any labels. When the jars are dry, invite your child to place the lid on the corresponding jar, and sort by size. Emily enjoyed practicing opening and closing the jars, and nesting the lids too. 


Hadley said...

isn't it amazing the things that can be saved from the garbage and made into free fun!

Ivy said...

You're practically running a Montessori school in your house! You have a very lucky little girl.

Valerie said...

@ Hadley -- I love it when we can come up with other uses for things, and Emily surprises me with some of the things she comes up with. Little kids can be so creative!

@ Ivy -- I know what you mean! I've been very inspired by Montessori methods, and Emily seems to enjoy that learning style. Isn't it interesting how all kids seem to learn differently?

Michie said...

I'd like to try this, but who knows when I'll have that many different sized jars. Today we turned a pickle jar into a candle holder by gluing different colored tissue paper onto it. My 4 year old really enjoyed it, and you can also make them into gifts. Maybe that's something else you can do with your jars.

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