Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

We have been trying to make the most out of these last several rainy days. Thankfully, tomorrow's forecast is looking much better.

This afternoon, I visited a new store in town. They just opened up, and their prices are phenomenal! The selection is a bit lacking, but they make up for it with the absolute best customer service. The store's hours seem to be a bit random, as it frequently opens and closes with little notice. However, with these great prices, it is well-worth the trip!

Check out their cute shopping bags.

A safety pin and a little felt make for a great name tag.

Service with a smile!

Not bad for making our own sunshine.


Ally said...

Before I saw the picture I thought you were talking about a "real" store. Haha, so cute!

Jessica said...

Very cute.... I thought the same as the first poster!!!LOL!

Ivy said...

Very sweet.

Valerie said...

@ Ally -- Hee hee! Emily can play store all afternoon. I just set up some TV tray tables, pin on her name tag, and she does all the rest! She even accepts credit cards. :-)

Meninheira said...

Qué linda!!
A mis peques les encantarĂ­a ir a comprar a esa tienda :)

Stephanie Griffith said...

That looks like fun! I hope the rain is lets up for you! Send it our way. We're having a drought.

Valerie said...

@ Meninheira -- Gracias!! hee hee

@ Stephanie -- Yes, please, have some rain!! Today is looking much better, thanks! We're hoping to go to a free concert later this evening. I love free summer events... so much fun without busting the budget! :-)

Stephanie Griffith said...

Thanks for the rain Valerie! It's been raining since yesterday. Much needed. I hope you got to enjoy your free concert!

sunnymama said...

I want to go shopping in this store! Looks a great place to browse on a rainy day ;) Sunnyboy likes to play shops too, but his prices just recently jumped from a £2 per item, to £30 per item, so it's a bit pricey now :)

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