Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creative Rainy Day Fun

We are forecasted to have at least four days of non-stop rain here, and the girls were getting a touch of cabin fever. We did what any normal parents would do when faced with a similar situation.... placed both of them in our sound-proof anti-gravity chamber with padded walls and let them burn off some of that energy!

They will be sleeping well tonight!

Whatever did they do in the olden days before anti-gravity chambers were in every household? Those poor parents!


Mark said...

Dear Valerie,

How come I didn't know about this anti-grav chamber until now? It looks like a lot of fun!

Want to get some super-caffeinated beverages and hop in?


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Alright... spill... how did you do those pictures?


Mark said...

@Val in the Rose Garden

It's quite simple really. You just have to make sure that the flux capacitor is perpendicular to the North/South poles. Not magnetic north, but true north. This is important.

Then you fire up the shiva furnace and let the kids in. If you see any temporal warping, make sure to power it off quickly before your kids merge into one.

It's frugal AND fun!

Elise said...

Copy that Mark, I think I can organise that for my little ones so we can share in the fun here!

Valerie, this post is a joy to see, you can't help but smile when you read it. Then you get to Mark's comments and the smiles continue.

I really enjoyed your cardboard box post as well.

Your blog is a favourite of mine and MUST see blog. It is always inspiring, uplifting and fun.

Christy said...

Mark, you are so funny!

I would love to know how you did that. It's very cool. Your girls are so photogenic.

Maybe when I move in Dec. my new house will have one of those chambers. I will have to test it before allowing my children in, of course.

We are having a lot of cold rain here too. It's putting a real damper on our plans to go to Boo at the Zoo and the pumpkin patch.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Here's hoping the sun shines on you soon!!! We finally got some sun in the afternoon after DAYS of drizzle so we went on a nature walk to celebrate.

maryanne said...

we've got cold and rain (and SNOW this morning) where we live too.

Love the way your girls ham it up for the camera =)

Petula said...

I don't know how you come up with all of these great ideas. I absolutely love these pictures... you should enter them into a contest or something.


That would be fun, wouldn't it? :)

Valerie said...

@ Mark -- Yes, please!

@ Elise -- I'm always so happy to see you here, and glad to hear you can join in the fun!

@ Christy -- I do hope your new house has this fabulous feature! It is a must-have for the cold winter months. Be sure to allow ample time for testing, as necessary.

Anonymous said...

I could so go for this right now :)


Ivy said...

You have the energy of 10 mothers and the creativity of 1000. Want to send some of that this way?

Lisa Anne said...

Looks like so much. I totally have to get one of those in my house. Even the adults would have a blast!

jennwa said...

Those are great pictures. So much fun.

Thanks for sharing.

Committed Recycler said...

Your blog has been awesome to see in my inbox each day! The box monster was so brilliant, and so simple.

The anti-gravity chamber, just as cool!

Thanks for this inspiration, we are in the middle of the rainy season and every good idea of yours I am stealing and claiming as my own Mom Magic.


Sherry said...

Those are wonderful pictures! Its been raining here non stop too! Maybe I should invest in a anti-gravity chamber :)

Adriana said...

Love the pictures! We are going on our 1000th day of rain here in Texas too. Maybe not exactly but one more day of rain and I'm building an ARK!

Valerie said...

@ Committed Recycler -- I love how you refer to these things as "mom magic". How wonderful! Don't worry, your secret is safe with me!

@ Adriana -- Oh no! Hope it clears up for you guys soon. All the rain we had here made us all a little cuckoo cuckoo, but now we've been blessed with some beautiful Autumn days. It was well-worth the wait!

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