Friday, March 20, 2009

$5 Friday -- (Semi)Homemade Thin Mints and More!

For today's $5 Friday, we made semi-homemade thin mints and took a trip to the local public library. These cookies are so easy to make and taste just like the Girl Scout version -- perfect for when they are not selling cookies and your stash has run out!

To make your own semi-homemade thin mint cookies, you will need 1 bag Hershey's Mint Chocolate Chips, 1 box of Anna's Thin Mint cookies, and a little shortening.

Melt half the bag of mint chocolate chips in a double boiler and add about a teaspoon of shortening.

The cookies are very fragile, so we brushed the chocolate on very gently and placed another cookie on top and brushed on more chocolate. Yummm!

Special thanks to Infant Bibliophile for suggesting The Carrot Seed -- it is Emily's new favorite and she really enjoyed reading this to her little sister.

What a cute story!

Clara listens intently. Later she took a loooooong nap!

Here's a recap of how we spent our $5 of entertainment money today:
Mint Chocolate Chips (bought at Big Lots) -- $2.00
Anna's Thin Chocolate Mint Cookies (also from Big Lots) -- $2.00
Total Spent = $4.00!!


Jenny Henny said...

And don't forget that today is Free Rita's day! A nice free dessert for after dinner!

Valerie said...

Funny you mentioned that... Mark was there after lunch today!

Infant Bibliophile said...

That photo of her reading the book made my day! So glad you liked it.

Infant Bibliophile said...

Me again. We just an award for you on our blog:

Valerie said...

What a neat award, thank you so much! Love the other sites you linked to as well... they have such great ideas!

Ally said...

My husband loves the girl scout thin mints, I will definetly be making these soon! =)

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