Saturday, March 21, 2009

Slacker Saturday -- Star Garland

This intergalactic garland could not be any simpler, and the kids love making them to hang all around the house! This one is hanging up in our dining room now. To make your own star garland you will need string and star-shaped Post-It notes. That's it! Simple, right?

Lay out the string and invite your child to sandwich the string between two sheets of star-shaped Post-It notes (stinky sides facing each other). Press together firmly, and repeat down the length of the string. Hang it up to display and enjoy!


MaryAnne said...

Emma would love this activity!

Keri said...

Very nice! I love your creativity and energy! I nominated your blog for the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award- check out my blog for the details! Congrats and a job well done!! :)

~Sara said...

Very cute idea.

Valerie said...

@ MaryAnne -- I bet she would really enjoy it too! Don't worry if the stars don't match up perfectly. Emily found that if the points are mis-matched, it looks just like a sun.

@ Keri -- Wow, that is so awesome! Thank you!!

@ Sara -- Thanks so much!

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